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Museum Confidential

Oct 27, 2017

Explore a different side of legendary actor Vincent Price for our special Halloween episode with Philbrook curator, Christina E. Burke. Guest starring Michael Jackson, Johnny Carson, and Jack Nicholson. Hosted by Jeff Martin and produced by Scott Gregory .

Oct 13, 2017

On the debut episode of Museum Confidential we chat with Philbrook Director Scott Stulen about his rock and roll ambitions, his past obsessions, the show he's been thinking about for years, and much more. We DO NOT talk about cat videos. 

Museum Confidential

Oct 9, 2017

Think of a museum. Any museum. Which art works get to be displayed, and which don't, and why? Where do they keep all the unshown (or unshowable) pieces?

And why do they keep them at all? And just how does one pack/ship/transport a priceless painting or sculpture? Museum Confidential is a new and unprecedented exhibition...